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Wat Chedi Sao (The Temple of 20 Pagodas)

What Chedi Sao a hair stored for every poagoda.

Each pagoda of Wat Chedi Sao contains one piece of hair from two monks that visited the temple over 2000 years ago.

The foundation date of Wat Chedi Sao is unclear to this day. However, an inscription on concrete found within the wat’s compound, narrates that two enlightened monks from India taught Drama in the area in 500 BE (Buddhist Era). [About 2000 years ago.]

Prince Phraya Milintra, who was their disciple, begged 10 strands of hair from each monk. He then built 20 chedis (pagodas) and placed each piece of hair inside its own chedi.

Since then the wat has been called Wat Chedi Sao. “Sao,” pronounced correctly, means 20 in the local northern dialect.

The temple was renovated in 1918.

In addition to the courtyard chedis, the temple also houses a 15th-century solid gold Buddha image that weighs 1,507 kilograms (3,322 lb), according to Insight Guides: Thailand. Apa Publications. 2016.

Opening hours: 8am-4:30pm

Contact: 053-248-604, +66 5324 8604