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Lampangth beliefs and purposes

This website is all about responsible tourism, a concept and a behaviour that preserve the eco-system, provide livelihood to the inhabitants in the destination countries or locals, assist tourists to enjoy their destinations and foster goodwill to all tourism participants.

Lampangth tourism perspective

The Philippines is geographically detached from the mainland Southeast Asia (SEA), which has consequently required a uniquely Philippine approach to attract foreign tourists or to benefit from a number of tourism activities in the mainland, such as the CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) initiatives. For this site’s purposes, we have added Thailand in the grouping and call it CLMV+T.

This site believes that “the lack of awareness on the Philippine tourist attractions by potential visitors” is the main reason that Philippine tourism is still small compared to other SEA countries.

Security issues and the poor infrastructure have a downward effect on Philippine tourism but they are not main causes.

Proof. The Palawan Underground River was officially declared as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature on 28 January 2012 and the number of tourists jumped from a mere 600,000 in 2012 to around 2 million in 2015.

The security problem did not improve overnight, and the infrastructure did not modernise all of the sudden; yet tourism has remarkably grown.

What really changed was the level of awareness by the world and Filipino tourists about the amazing beauty of the Palawan Underground River.

We, as Filipinos and friends-of-Filipinos, can help promote all of our natural attractions to millions of potential tourists worldwide.

Remember, Filipinos are the number one Facebook user in the world. Let’s use that to our advantage.

Lampangth 10 cents contribution

This website is based in Thailand, a country that attracts millions of tourists drawn by the kingdom’s historical and cultural monuments and arts to name just few.

Without doubt these tourists will want to see and experience nature’s creations, of which the Philippines is truly blessed.

However, nature’s creations are delicate and will require continuous management. It is a reality that without its natural attractions, the Philippine tourist offerings will be seriously less competitive.

Again let’s use Facebook, the internet and various communication tools to show to everyone that we support Responsible Tourism.

Welcome to out website. Enjoy.